About Us

Can you make the world a better place through organization? My name is Camila and I believe you can. When I was growing up in San Paulo, Brazil, my mother instilled her good organizational habits at an early age, insisting that I always put away one toy before pulling out another and that I generally maintain responsibility for my little corner in the world.

Throughout my own life, I have learned that maintaining an organized home helps people live happier lives and I have never lost this passion for making sure that everything has its place. I spent my first few years in the United States working as a nanny and would take it upon myself to create some organizational systems to help with the children (and sometimes the parents, too!) Working with a variety of families, I consistently saw how creating a little bit of order lifted their mood and allowed them to spend their time doing something enjoyable instead of being distracted by the mess and disorganization.

Lifting this burden off of others is what I love most about being a Professional Organizer and why I founded TheMessBusters. Creating harmonious spaces and easy systems customized for each client is a challenge that I take seriously, however it is always my tendency to approach every job with a sense of fun and possibility. Once we start tackling your organizing challenges, I know that together we will make your little corner of the world a much better place, too.

Camila Camargo – Founder/CEO/Organizer